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It is always revitalizing to see inspiring digital art with unique style. That’s why I happily lost track of time on boya, Jana Jelovac’s online portfolio page.
Her layered images are not only striking and honest, but also haunting and dark, resulting in a bold mixture of beauty and criticism. Up in the corner of the webpage there was a small note saying ‘If you like what you see, feel free to contact me’, so I did.

Jana, tell me a bit about your artistic background? When did you start and why?

When I was very little I didn’t want to be an artist, I wanted to be some kind of scientist, don’t ask my why. But, as years went by art and music became my biggest interests and they still are. More than anything else, they trigger my buttons by putting my mind in the places where I want it to be.

What do you consider being your greatest source of inspiration?

My greatest source of inspiration is everything around me; people, animals, things that I see every day, situations that I’ve been in, all sorts of media, music, literature and so on.
The way that I ‘digest’ it and present the non-stopping world around me in my artwork is solely up to me, and that is what makes it special and unique.

Could you tell me a bit about the artistic process, do you start designing with an idea or does your work develop as you do it?

I never particularly plan what I’m going to do next. On the contrary, starting out I only have confused ideas about how it will look. Later on in the process things seem clearer and that’s when I know exactly what I want to keep in a picture and what will have to go to avoid exaggeration if it’s possible. I love to exaggerate, that’s for sure.

From the things you’ve done so far, which are you most proud of and happy with?

All of my works are dear to me in some way since there are small parts of me scattered across every one of them. But if I must choose, it would be ‘Mono’ which represents the last human on the earth, the last one in so many ways.

What would you like to be remembered for?

The most important thing for me is originality, no matter in what way or form. That is why I try to continue on my path and stay out of global trends. It is not an easy method, especially not financially, but if that’s the sacrifice that has to be made to keep my art unique, raw and honest in the future, so be it…

What would be the best reaction you can get from people on your work?

Understanding what I was trying to say with a particular piece of work would certainly be the best possible reaction. But I must say that one of the best comments I’ve ever heard is “I’ve never seen anything like this before.” In some strange way it made me feel so proud.

If anyone asked you what art is for you, how would you describe it?

For me art is the most sincere capture of life. It has no restrictions, no limits and it’s comprehensive in every sense of the word.

Which word describes you the best?

Rage. All of my images are in some kind of fight with ignorance, lack of humanity and envy. In other words; all those things which are destroying our world these days. I know I can’t stop that entire black wave, but not being completely silent is already good enough for me.

What makes you happy?

As time passes I’ve realized that my mother was right; no big sensation is needed to be happy. Little things are the best because they are happening endlessly every day at any time. All you need to do is recognize them and enjoy them.

If today was the last day of your life, what would you do?

Nothing particular, I would just die. No last wishes, no nothing, just small pieces of my life changing rapidly in my head.

What are you future plans and what do you expect from the rest of 2010?

The biggest issue for me right now is to settle my stuff here in Belgrade where I live at the moment and the next step will be to find a job in Barcelona and to move there at the end of this year if everything goes by plan.


Amelie Malmgren

  1. Great and unusual work. It really stands out in the sea of similar designs and producing approaches.
    Keep up with great posts and artists.


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