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Swedish-Born photographer Camilla Åkrans is one of our favorite fashion photographers, Åkrans, who’s work comes mostly from New York and Paris is one of the most know fashion elite photographers of this decade. Have an eye and look for inspiration.


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Mark Tipple has emerged as a notable documentary photographer over the past 3 years. Having worked closely with organizations seeking social change in Australia and surrounding countries, his progression has seen the development of Gallery For Justice; a not-for-profit aiming to empower story telling through fine art prints documenting issues of social justice. He is also the principal photographer of The Underwater Project; an ongoing reportage showcasing Australia’s relationship with the ocean, and as a photographer he aims to connect the three areas of his work to bring light to stories traditional media shies away from. Tipple’s work has appeared in publications worldwide such as The Australian, The Telegraph, The BBC,, The Independent, National Geographic and De Morgen Magazine.


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Dangerously Dolly


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Amy Stein is a photographer who was raised in Washington, DC, and Karachi, Pakistan. Nowadays she is based in New York City where she works as a photographer as well as a teacher in photography at Parsons The New School for Design and the School of Visual Arts. Her work explores our evolving isolation from community, culture and the environment and she has been exhibited both nationally and internationally. Furthermore, her stunning work also forms part in many private and public collections such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art, the Museum of Contemporary Photography, the Nevada Museum of Art, the Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art and the George Eastman House Photography Collection.


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Dutch Scarlett Hooft Graafland graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in Hague in 1999. She then completed postgraduate studies in Belzalel, Jerusalem and a Master’s in sculpture at Parsons, New York. But, what really has caught the world’s eyes are not her sculptures but her photographs. Graafland is fascinated by remote, unusual and sometimes even inhospitable locations which she documents with her analogue camera. She then prints them straight from the negative and never uses Photoshop. Some places she has gone are Salar de Uyunu in the Bolivian Andes, the largest salt desert in the world and the Arctic plains of northern Canada where she travelled with the Inuit across the sea ice of Igloolik. She has also taken photographs of Southern China and the lava fields of Iceland.


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Alison Brady is a New York-based photographer whose work is both compelling, funny and sometimes disturbing. She is inspired by ‘the faded middle-class coziness’ as well as desires and sexual compulsions. Brady exhibits nationally and internationally and her work is featured in many private and public collections such as Elton John’s collection and the West Collection.


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Natalie Kucken is eighteen years old and currently based in New York, USA. She began shooting at the age of fourteen and creates dreaming worlds to collect and keep in pixels.


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Troy Paiva, aka Lost America, has been creating light painted night photography in abandoned locations and junkyards since 1989. His documentarian, yet surrealist–sometimes playful, sometimes haunting work examines the evolution and eventual abandonment of the communities, infrastructure and social iconography spawned during America’s 20th century expansion into the cities and deserts of the West–and the intensely exhilarating, yet strangely comforting act of sneaking around in the middle of the night, creating art from its ruins.


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Los Angeles based photographer Eliot Lee Hazel might be most famous for his work with musicians like Devendra Barnhart, Morcheeba and Yeasayer (to mention a few) but the truth is that whichever of his gritty pics is enough to make a heart thump.


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Neil Krug Director + Photographer.


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Ahn Sun Mi is a young Korean photographer who lives and works in Paris. Through her self portraits she invites the viewer to her private universe where the bounderies between dream and reality are difficult to find. Slightly surrealistic, very much imaginative and completely delicious.


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Zach Gold began his photography career after graduating from Parsons School of Design in 1995. Only two years later he was selected by the New York Art Directors Club as one of the top 100 artists in New York City under 35 and by now his distinguished style and innovative approaches towards photography and filmmaking have attracted some of the biggest names in the creative industries. Among others, Gold has collaborated with David Bowie, David Beckham, Iggy Pop, Iman, Lebron James and has exhibited in the United States, France, Portugal, Ireland, Spain, Italy and the United Arab Emirates. Thereto he co-created The Playground with stylist Julie Ragolia; an independent collective that explores and celebrates the experiential relationship between fashion and art through exhibition, installation, and custom artwork collections. We can’t wait to see what his next step will be.